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A Christian Musical Skit by Kingdom Kids

We did this shit for our annual day, held on April 13, 2013 at Kingdom Ministries Hall in Kuwait.
The story is about a person who initially accepts Jesus in his life. Love, joy and peace come into his life. Slowly, some temptation comes into his life like beauty, fame, money, alcohol, etc.
Then pride, jealousy and anger enter his life without inviting him. Below there is no place for everyone and they push Jesus out of his life. Soon life is very entertaining and fantastic. But joy without Jesus is not long lasting. There is a sudden accident (which indicates problems in our lives that we all face) and everyone leaves him and goes.
Depression, loneliness and anxiety fill his life. He misses the joy he had when Christ was with him. He regrets the decline and resumes Jesus in his life. He offers his life to Jesus and soon Jesus controls his life,