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Yayyy! Is time to say Merry Christmas when it comes to celebrating Christmas! Christmas is a festival of joy and happiness. It is that time of the year when people witness the most happening events to celebrate Christmas. Christian Portal has got the best of collection when it comes to celebrating the Christmas in the joyful manner. Christmas Drama Skits which are performed at Church are very famous when celebrating Christmas and Christian Portal has got the best of Drama skits available on the portal. Christmas is celebrated worldwide and every individual who celebrates the festival wants to know much more about the religion and culture. For the people to be aware about the religion and it’s culture, Simple nativity play scripts are readily available at our portal which would describe more easily about the topic.

Audience these days are more interested in creative and innovative ideas even at the time of celebrations. Christmas church program ideas are one way to create that excitement in the audience. You can pick any of the ideas available at our portal and we guarantee you that you the best of quality ideas. People these days are following the mantra ‘Short and sweet’. 5 minute Christmas skits are the best when it comes to short skits. People can patiently watch them and understand the core objective of the skit. We have got the best of 5minute Christmas skits which will surely create a sense of interest when watching.

The best of unique Christmas program ideas are available at our portal which will help people involve in the activity happening to celebrate the event. Preschool Christmas plays are one easy to enhance the beauty of the festival. People celebrate Christmas but people of current generation do not exactly know how Jesus was born and what is it’s importance. Birth of Jesus plays scripts will help people know about the story of Jesus and help them in increasing their knowledge on the eve of Christmas. The best of these plays are available at Christian Portal which you can surely be a part of.

Black Christmas plays are very famous when it comes to celebrations and performance at the eve. We offer the best of these plays and we guarantee you that people would surely be interested to watch this. All the famous Christmas plays are available at our portal starting from the old one’s to the new ones. Free Christmas monologues are readily available at Christian Portal which is easier for people to access and help growing their knowledge on the subject.

Every school celebrates Christmas and Christmas plays for schools are the best way to celebrate Christmas Eve at school. These plays are very easily understood by the students as it is written in very simple and easy language. These plays are very easily available at our Portal in wide range. Free printable Christmas plays church are very common these days as these are very easy to understand. The best of the collection is available at our Portal which will help you further to understand the subject.

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