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Christian Drama Switchfoot 'This is your life' skit

This drama shows a young girl’s life and how she gets caught up in different things. She searches for the truth. This truth is only discovered in Jesus Christ. Keep reading

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This drama was created and performed by the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast Youth Team known as ‘The Well’. It was performed at Odyssey Arena Belfast in front of thousands. We were so privileged to have the opportunity and many more since and to come. All because of God and for God.

I am part of this church and we as a youth group and want to tell the world that Jesus is alive and He saves and saves. Comment and like this video.

For more information about this church or youth group, look at: -Church Info -Youth Info

Funeral services will be held Sunday morning and evening.
Youth services will be held Saturday evening at 1 p.m. 20 at the McConnell Youth Complex, Belfast. More information google The Well Event or go to the websites provided about.

This is a drama for the song ‘This is your life’ by Switchfoot. Thanks for reading and watching the video! much appreciated!

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