Christmas Skit | Jesus Birth | 2018 | Christian Skits

Christmas Skit | Jesus Birth | 2018

Christmas and New Year are coming!
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# jul_skit_Tamil_2018

This amazing performance is given by Gilgal students in #GILGAL NURSING AND PRIMARY SCHOOL
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Ministry of Education: – God’s guidance got us started Gilgal English School at K.C

Patty during the 2012-13 academic year. Our school is recognized by the government for

Tamilnadu Vide: – R.C No .: 1511 / A5 / 2014. The student strength of the school was 92 in

2012-13. If gradually increased to 94 in 2013-14, 111 in 2014-15 If, 137 in 2015-16.During

this academic year (2016-17), 154 students are studying the fee charged from the students

is minimal. We provide free education for a few valuable students, and fee concessions are

given to 40 students.
Dedicated missionaries run the school in a disciplined way. The Word of God is taught

to the students and we need to praise God for the students who grow in faith Mrs. H Pradeep

Msc M Phil., (Biotech) is the principal of the school.
We plan to expand the school buildings in the near future. About 70% of the school

the building was constructed by the contribution made by Bro. S Samual from Kodaikanal. I have

went into honor on 10.02.15 and we commend God for his commitment to the service and

contribution to school development.
I strive to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named as a list to build on another

man’s foundation ”Romans 15:20.
God has chosen Bro.Ajikumar to start Gilgal Prayer Fellowship Ministries according to

Scripture “Before I formed you in the belly, I knew you” Jer: 1: 5

Gilgal Prayer Community Ministries
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Dindigul (Dt)
Contact: 04542-262222
Mob: +91 9488717990
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