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Amateur, the screenplay comedy has not yet found a comfortable home on the web. Sites that feature professional comedy content such as “College Humor” and “Funny or Die” cast a huge shadow over the online comedy landscape.

A recently launched website,, hopes to shake things up and create space for new ideas and voices. Skittell is a comedy upload site where amateur comedians can showcase their talents.

As the name suggests, Skittell specializes in “skits” – comedy sketches that run between 1 and 3 minutes (and ideally under 90 seconds).

As a community driven site, will provide a meeting place for like-minded fun people from every corner of the globe. Users will have the opportunity to share comedy ideas and techniques, as well as simply draw inspiration from the creativity of others.

To further build the community of amateur comedians, includes a series of short tutorials on video production techniques. Topics covered include how to work with green screen, how to capture high quality clear sound and how to edit videos or add voiceovers with software.

We think even amateur comedy sketches can have a professional “polish”. Users who apply everything in tutorials will produce top-notch comedy skits in no time flat. is free for all users and viewers alike. The only request is that your comedy shit be as professional as possible. That means no talking cats, puking babies or drunken wedding dancers.

We also encourage you to consider Skittell as “your” site. A place where you can upload your comic sketches, promote your comic talents to family and friends, and develop a following from around the world.

We’ll also feature the best comedy sets on our YouTube channel – to give you even more coverage.

When you have an idea, build the idea into a mini story with a beginning, middle and end. And as the professional comedian David Mitchell says – the end should get the biggest laugh.

Look for fun ideas from everyday life – write them down – develop the ideas further – and get started with your shit

A skit is really a short series of scenes that together make up the comic sketch. It could include a story line played by actors, or even a series of pictures with voice over and sound effects to convey the fun idea.

You can consider some comedy for your crap:
• Satire – social criticism where deficiencies are ridiculed.
• Parody – a fake, send-up or humorous impersonation.
• Observational comedy – poking fun in everyday life.
• Physical humor – including slapstick, where derision and simulated bodily injury are staged for comic effect

So – do you have an idea that is fun, whimsical or even fun? We would like to see your completed comedy kit on our website:

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