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Comedy Skits – The Gas Station Comedy Skit

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The gas station

A comedy shit with a customer providing discount coupons to lower his gasoline costs – but still not happy with the service.

This is an example of a short and sharp two-person comedy with a customer and cashier at a local gas station. The scene is established early with an external shot showing a car and gasoline bowers before moving in to reveal the interaction between customer and cashier.

The customer is played by Rob Woodland, founder of and Lisa Woodbrook, a musical theater student from Brisbane.

The comedy is slowly building up as discount coupons offered by the customer lead to increasing gas price reductions and eventually – a return on cash.

Despite the reimbursement, the customer still has a complaint. And it is this complaint that forms the hallmark of comedy shit.

As the comedian David Mitchell (from the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb) once said about the structure of comedy sketches:

“First establish the setting, make it clear why it’s fun, throw a surprise and come out. Ideally, the last joke or punch line should be the best.”

The Petrol Station comedy follows this advice and quickly establishes the setting, providing a fun stamping line – all within a total length of just 74 seconds.

The gas station comedy was filmed in a sitting room against a green screen. During the editing process, the green was replaced with stock images of a real gas station.

Further information on using a green screen can be found in the tutorial section of the comedy website:

Technical details regarding lighting and microphone can also be found on the http: // website. Background music and sound effects also play an important role in this comedy skit, widely available from archive movie sites found on the Internet. Some effects are available for free, while others require a fee.

Once you’ve filmed and edited your comedy kit, be sure to upload it to the comedy site that features amateurs and aspiring comedians.

And remember, you don’t have to be a comedian to make a comedy shit – you just need a good sense of humor and a fun idea.

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