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Dear friend,
Are you tired, tired and suffering from anilines? Be persecuted and attacked by evil spirits? Are you worried about your future? Are you bound and pressed into trouble?
If so, come every Sunday at our place of worship and witness the power of God, experience His love, and receive His healing from your illnesses, fears, destruction, addictions, and sins.
Lord Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:32)

Pastor Daniel Masih is Senior Founder Pastor of FWAG in Allahabad.In 1989 he joined the Lord and left the house to work. Today he finishes his 27 years of service. God uses him in a very powerful way. He has prepared many pastors and leaders as well as opened many churches. He is very good qawwali Singer and tabla player and dynamic hindi priest. Every Sunday Five services take place in his church. Short profile of Full Worship Assembly of God (FWAG) allahabad
• An eight-year-old church factory founded and pastored by Pastor Daniel Masih
• During their years of service there they have had 15,000 contacts, but due to limited space only able to serve a few hundred each week
• Serve the Hindi-speaking community
• We have a biblical institute where we train new believers
• We have a weekly order for the rickshaw draws
• Usually 3 major outreach crusades a year last year we had six because of increased interest in the gospel in the neighboring villages
• Weekly (1) Hindi service (2) Hindi service (3) Hindi & English service
• Our heart is to reach everyone in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dear friend,
Even though I knew we needed to own our property first and foremost, I thought, “Well, if at least you can get hold of the other stuff for us”. Frankly, many of us didn’t think we could get that kind of financial help. All this week, the Lord has challenged me more in my faith, so this challenge moves me to pray for a God-miracle miracle! So today we have been able to find property for 80.00000 rupees. Currently, we rent a facility owned by a non-believer every month when we provide rent, he asks us when to travel. In Northern India, owning their own property is much better for a Christian church or organization, reducing the weight of being thrown out by the drop of a hat and creating stability for the body of believers and believers to come. This type of stability is very important there. In any case, a thought came to me that maybe I should just email everyone I know and see how many promises I could get from my pastor Paul and your church once I had received a good amount of promises , I could have something in hand to buy land through AG.

So I pray that if you are interested in helping our church in Northern India serving the Hindi speaking community, please email me back with a promise to buy land for a place of discipleship or if you are able to help with a resource. Below, I highlight the highlights of the things we are currently doing. If you would like more information or would like me to give you more details, please feel free to email me back and I would be very happy to answer your questions as best I can. With prayers …. Rev. Dr. Daniel Masih (Founder and Elder Pastor)
Email: fwag2003@gmail.com, pastordanieloffice@gmail.com