LIVE SPECIAL ALL NIGHT PRAYER | Bro. G.P.S. Robinson | Sis. Christina Robinson | Jebamtv live | Christian Skits

LIVE SPECIAL ALL NIGHT PRAYER | Bro. G.P.S. Robinson | Sis. Christina Robinson | Jebamtv live

LIVE SPECIAL WHOLE NIGHT Bean | Bridge. G.P.S. Robinson | Sis. Christina Robinson | Jebamtv live

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The theme of this ministry – Our theme is action-based prayer and prayer a way of life.
What is action-based prayer?
Sincere prayer not only prays for road safety, but sincere prayer lives by following all road safety rules. Then we will be able to create unfortunate roads.
What is prayer a way of life?
Sincere prayer does not just pray for a sinless society, but sincere prayer is to run away from sin when it comes to us. Then we will be able to create a sinless society.

Prayer oriented programs on television
1. The Holy – A program in which God is praised for His holiness by describing His attributes.
2. Prayer Walk – Every day a street is chosen and prayer is walked. So every month, 22 streets go and pray.
3. Traffic Prayer – Telecast of prayer at the accident sites.
4. Emergency Prayer – Immediate dispatch of prayer points and prayer to the critical patients in hospitals as and when the prayer needs are shared from 17 different well-known hospitals in the city.
5. Breaking Prayer – Whatever news was to be broken was immediately sent as a prayer request.
6. How to Pray – Based on the ongoing issues in the community, three different pastors discuss how to avoid the future repetitions of the same topics and pray for the same.
7. My Leaders – Telecast conducting personal conversations with government leaders and praying for them based on 1 Timothy 1: 2.
8. The Real Fighters – Daily prayer for the army and police departments.
9. The Real Heroes – Daily prayer for the safety of ambulance drivers.
10. Men of God – Personal interview with God’s men where they share their testimonies and life experiences.
11. A hand full of flour and a little oil – Dietary advice for pastors and ministers, live cooking, energy consumption suggestions to feed pastors before serving on stage.
12. Wedding in Cana – Telecasting the interview with the men of God on their wedding day.
13. Don’t Worry – Teach the people how to pray instead of worrying when the enemies rise up against them.
14. Media Missions – Pray for all Christian media channels.
15. Seeds – Television with the life of men of God that has entered into eternal glory.
16. Good night – Thanksgiving prayer for the day.

Jebamtv / 24 x 7 prayer channel
Jebam Kids / TV
Jebam Church
FOUR NEWS PAPER / Weekly news document on community awareness.