Making The Switch (Christian Skit) by BCF Sunday School | Christian Skits

Making The Switch (Christian Skit) by BCF Sunday School

Every believer is endowed by God with talents and abilities. Why is it that so much goes undone when there are so many capable Christians? Are we hiding our God-given talents?
Waiting to be asked instead of volunteering when we see a need which we could easily meet?
Let’s see how the Church suffers in its witness because of this.
Themes: Works, Christian ability, Light, Being used by God
Scripture reference: Matthew 5:14-16
Play Written by Steven Hoffmann
Directed by Yulette Castelino
Song: This Little Light of Mine
Bcf Sunday School enact Making The Switch at the Mira Road Sunday School Children’s Program 31st August 2014
(Part 2) [With Subtitles]
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