The Kings Plan Kingdom Kids Skit | Christian Skits

The Kings Plan Kingdom Kids Skit

The Church of Jesus Christ
Living Hope Restoration Branch
Independence, Missouri

“King’s plan”
Fellowship Service August 31, 2019
Told by Becky Stayton

Welcome-Becky Stayton (00:10)
“The Kings Plan” shit (2:25)
The Crown’s 5 points (08:20)
Kingdom Kids Anthem Song (Chant) (11:55)

I’m Kingdom Kingdom and I’m here to say.
I live my life in a brand new way.

I repented of my sins and asked Jesus in my heart.
He lives here inside, and his love is off the charts!

He has sent His Holy Spirit and He is helping me to stay,
in his peaceful realm and in the narrow way.

Now I’m a Kingdom Kid and I want to share with you,
the message of salvation so you can be one too.